Chicago's Pride Parade

 For more that 20 years the Smelts have participated in Chicago's annual Pride Parade. Whether marching on the street or dancing on a float, the Speedo-clad Smelts are always a popular entry in Chicago's largest and most celebrated parade.


Post-Meet Lunch/

Post-Practice Brunch

Following every swim meet the team meets at a nearby restaurant for lunch/brunch. It's a great way to unwind, celebrate and chow down with your swim buddies. Several Smelts meet for brunch each Saturday after swim practice. Ask/listen in the locker room after practice to see who and where folks are going.



Smelt's Thanksgiving, or Smeltsgiving, is held each year on the Sunday before Thanksgiving at the Center on Halsted. This annual team banquet and awards ceremony is a chance to look back at the year and a time to come together, eat and socialize with your teammates.


Social Outings and Meet-Ups

Throughout the year the Smelts coordinate bike rides, impromptu dance parties, Cubs/Sox outings, bar crawls and meet-ups at local street festivals. Join in the fun!